Stiefel Skin Science Solutions

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  • The Stiefel story began with an unrelenting passion for skin health, and it’s what continues to drive our development of our skin care products.
  • Established in 1847, Stiefel, a GSK company, emerged in a time of great scientific discovery. As the 19th century progressed, so did a focus on skin health and J.D. Stiefel develop some of the world's first medicated soaps.
  • Stiefel consumers have provided us with insight and understanding by sharing their dermatology and skin health needs and experiences. This relationship with consumers has helped Stiefel create a unique dermatology and skin health experience.
  • After more than 165 years, Stiefel has expanded beyond soap to a wide range of skincare products to meet your daily needs. It’s our passion for skin health that will help ensure that Stiefel continues to develop and deliver tomorrow’s solutions.
stiefel skin science solutions logo