toddler wrapped in towel brushing their teeth

Encourage your toddler to help at bedtime

As your toddler gets older they are likely to try and assert their independence. From around 24 months, try asking them to help with their bedtime routine; it can help them feel empowered, calmer and more likely to settle. Here are some tips for tasks they can help with before bed, under your watchful eye of course.

Help with evening chores

Encourage your toddler to help with younger siblings at bath time. Let them choose what clothes they’d like to wear the next day, give them a choice of two outfits.

Applying moisturiser

Encourage your toddler to tell you how their dry skin is feeling. Ask them to point to areas that are particularly dry or uncomfortable and might need more care. Squeeze some Oilatum Soothe & Protect Junior Moisturising Lotion into their hand and encourage them to apply it to the dry areas, while you apply cream to their face, arms, legs, hands and feet, paying special attention to dry patches. Involving your toddler can help distract them from the discomfort of their dry skin and fosters a feeling of accomplishment.

Getting themselves ready for bed

Encourage your toddler to brush their teeth, wash their hands and face, put on their pyjamas or sit on the toilet by themselves, if they’re old enough. Praise them for being so helpful and grown up as they complete their tasks – it will make them feel special and happier to settle.

Choose a book to read

A bedtime story can help to develop your toddler’s vocabulary, as well as being a bonding experience for you both. Choosing which story they want read before bed is a great way for your toddler to help out. Try using different voices for each character to really bring the story to life, but keep your voice low so you don’t over-excite your toddler and undo all your hard work getting them settled.


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