toddler sitting on the floor with one shoe on

Toddler Routine: Get Your Toddler Ready For The Day

Children often thrive on routine, but getting them to stick to a morning schedule can be difficult at times. Read on to discover Oilatum’s tips for creating a toddler routine and getting them ready for the day.

Plan the night before

What do you have planned tomorrow? If you’re planning to leave the house pack a bag with everything your toddler will need the night before. Plan what you’re going to have for breakfast and, if you have time, try to lay the breakfast table too. All this can help to prevent a chaotic morning.

Explain your plans

Explaining the activities you have planned to your toddler can help motivate them to get ready. Whether you’re going to the park, nursery school, visiting grandparents or friends, or even staying home, tell your toddler so they know what to expect. Talk in an excited voice about all the fun you’re going to have together.

Make time for bonding

Build time into your toddler’s morning routine for a family breakfast whenever you can and involve them in the routine. Let them choose which cereal they’d like and help hold the box when you’re pouring it into their bowl. Try to make time for a cuddle or quick play. This special time can help give them a sense of security which can help the morning run more smoothly.

Give them a checklist

Encouraging your toddler to use their skills can help nurture their development. Try giving them their own checklist of things to do before leaving the house, such as finding their shoes or putting on their coat and a hat if it’s cold. This will make them feel more independent.