toddler with soap bubbles on their face

Tips For Washing Your Toddler's Hair

Most toddlers love bath time but they may go through a stage of not wanting their hair washed. However the bathroom needn’t become a battleground. Here are some toddler hair washing tips to help make bath time more enjoyable for you both.

Use a child-friendly shampoo

Your toddler may have developed their fear of hair washing after getting shampoo in their eyes or mouth. Choose a shampoo that is kind to eyes, such as Oilatum Soothe & Protect Junior Shampoo, which is soap free and suitable for daily use.

Use gadgets

Gadgets that can help keep soapy water out of your toddler’s eyes include goggles, shampoo rinsing cups and shampoo shields, which fit on their head like a cap or sun visor. Alternatively, try using a clean flannel or small towel, which your toddler can hold over their eyes as you rinse out the shampoo.

Make it fun

Put a plastic mirror at the end of the bath and help your little one to make shapes with their shampoo-covered hair. Horns and halos, curls and twirls can help distract them while their hair is being cleaned at the same time. Pretend that a favourite doll or toy (one that is bath-friendly) needs to have their hair shampooed and rinsed. If their toy is having their hair washed, it’s more likely that your toddler will be happy to have theirs washed too.

Keep them comfortable

Water is soothing for your toddler’s dry skin, but try to keep bath time to no longer than 10-20 minutes, as the water will start to go cold and their skin could dry out further if they’re in the water for too long. Put your toddler’s towel on a radiator when they get in the bath, so it’ll be nice and warm when you’re gently patting their skin dry.