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Tips to care for your baby’s eczema prone skin

Your baby’s skin barrier is still developing throughout the first year of their life, so their delicate skin has weaker defences against irritants than an adult’s skin. This can cause skin to be dry and prone to irritation. Here are some tips to help relieve your baby’s dry skin and ensure it remains comfortable.

Cleanse their skin

Bathe your baby in warm water, never hot. Use a bath thermometer to check the water is about 37-38°C and mix the water well to ensure there are no hot patches. Use a mild and gentle, fragrance-free cleanser such as Oilatum Junior Bath Additive which helps soothe and soften very dry skin. Be mindful that too much exposure to water can cause your child’s skin to dry out further, so keep bath time to no longer than 10-20 minutes. Once clean, gently pat their skin dry with a soft, warm towel.


Once your baby’s skin is clean and dry, carefully moisturise their face, arms, legs, hands and feet with Oilatum Junior Cream, which is clinically tested to significantly reduce itching so can help to support a good night’s sleep when applied before bed. Pay special attention to very dry areas and apply liberally. Monitor their skin at every nappy change and apply cream when needed. As your toddler gets older make moisturising fun; ask them to stand up with their arms out and feet apart, just like a scarecrow while you apply the cream – explain that the aim of the game is they cannot move a muscle, no matter how much it tickles.

Protect against temperature changes

Your baby’s skin barrier may become irritated by sudden changes in temperature as it’s still developing. Keep the temperature of your home constant and if you notice that your baby’s skin is drier at night, try putting a humidifier in their bedroom to put the moisture back into the air. Keep skin well moisturised during the colder months to help prevent very dry skin becoming a bigger problem. Moisturise after bathing and as often as required (at least 2-3 times) throughout the day with Oilatum Junior Cream and ensure you protect their delicate skin from the dry, cold air – make sure they wear a hat, scarf and mittens when venturing outside. In warm weather avoid too much sun exposure and when you are outside ensure your child is wearing a sunhat, protective clothing and a high factor sun cream.

Avoid irritants

Wash your baby’s clothes with a non-bio detergent and fabric softener and give them an extra rinse to make sure all traces of soap have been washed away. Try not to overload your washing machine as this could mean clothes aren’t rinsed properly. Avoid clothing that is too tight or rough, remember to cut out the labels before use and try to stick to soft fabrics such as cotton, which are gentler on your baby’s delicate skin.

*Study conducted in adults with dry, itchy skin.